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Academy Dance Program 

Emerging Dancers

Ages 6-10

These classes are taught by our highly trained, passionate and fun teachers! Beginning dance steps are introduced and practiced. Dancers will build friendships and confidence through learning new dance steps in a caring and supportive dance environment. 

Classes options

Hip Hop 
Acro Dance


Ages 11 +

Are you ready to take your dance skills to the next level? Join our amazing class led by our top-level instructors! You'll have the opportunity to build and strengthen your foundations while developing new techniques. Get ready to gain essential skills that will help you grow in and of the dance room and understand yourself better as a dancer. Let's dance our way to success!


Ags 5 and up 

Those who want to take their dance training to the next level and commitment

We offer an elite training path for those dancers who wish to advance their dance training at a higher rate and commitment. These dancers train a minimum of 3 hours per week and have mandatory classes they must take to enhance their dance skills. 

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